Next Steps

Should you wish to consider counselling with us, we will arrange to meet for an initial 90 minute introductory session where we will discuss your needs, begin to understand some of the issues you bring, and decide if we are comfortable working together. The fee for the initial session is £60 which must be paid in advance before your appointment. You can pay by bank transfer, cash, direct debit or cheque.

If you decide to continue with counselling, we will meet weekly and each session will last 50 minutes. We will agree a fee for each session at the start of your counselling journey. The fee will be on a sliding scale starting from £60 – £80 per session depending on your individual circumstances. The fee will be collected by your counsellor at or prior to each weekly session.

We can offer open ended (long term) or short term (6-12 week) counselling. You will discuss and decide this together with your counsellor at the beginning of your counselling journey and the length of counselling agreed is dependent on whether you would like to work through a particular issue, or if you want to explore yourself and your life more deeply. 

Our practice hours are 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday.

We will always try to find a time and day that suits you. However, if we do not have immediate availability, we do keep a waiting list.